About Poetry News in Review

Poetry News in Review is a weekly curated and aggregated newsletter intended for anyone with an abiding interest in poetry of all kinds and all languages.  The encapsulated stories are linked to the original sites without commentary. While much of it is current, there is, from time to time, a story or review that refers to earlier publications.

The newsletter is divided into nine sections:

  • Specimen Days: an overview of events, birthdays, and death anniversaries related to poets, known and unknown, which fall on the publication day of the newsletter.
  • Poetry News: interesting and “newsworthy” stories of the past week.
  • World Poetry: a smattering of poetry news from around the world reported during the week.
  • New Books: a sampling of poetry books being released soon or recently published.
  • Recent Reviews: a few noteworthy reviews from the recent past of poetry  and related interest titles.
  • Correspondences: exchanges with poets, whether interviews, transcripts of letters, or question-and-answer formats that have been published lately.
  • Broadsides: the occasional piece of writing about poetry or poets that is not necessarily news but that gives an opinion or presents an unusual take on activity in the world of poetry.
  • Drafts & Fragments: Small, complete stories and notices in full.
  • Envoi: Editor’s Notes: my two-cents on issues that I feel merit special attention.

See this week’s issue of Poetry News in Review.

For some time, I’ve wanted to find a poetry review that primarily did just that, reviewed books of poetry without a backwash of poems dominating the magazine. The infrequent journal, Parnassus, has always come the closest to realizing that goal of any journal I’ve seen, but it puts a strain on the term “periodical.” I hope that by providing a regular compendium of stories and reviews in Poetry News in Review others will see it as a starting place to widen their investment in poetry and to re-connect with the full spectrum of this living art.

About the Editor and Publisher

Poet/publisher, brooding

Dear friends, my name is David Sanders. A little about me: I have a BFA from Bowling Green and an MFA from Arkansas. At one time, a long time ago, I owned a bookshop, Hays & Sanders and Co., in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have also run three poetry-book contests over the last twenty or so years, and for the last fifteen years I was director of the Ohio University Press/ Swallow Press and administrator of the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize. My own poems have been collected in two small press limited editions and have appeared in places like The Hudson Review, The Southern Review, The New Criterion, Poetry East, and Stand (UK). My translations of Ronsard and du Bellay appear occasionally in World Lit textbooks.

Among the poets, translators, and critics whose work I have acquired and/or edited are Omar Pound, Henri Coulette, Timothy Steele, Kwame Dawes, Joshua Mehigan, Howard Nemerov, Robert B. Shaw, Penelope Pelizzon, Louise Bogan, William Pritchard, Helen Pinkerton, Roger Sedarat, Turner Cassity, David Yezzi, Lucien Stryk, and Lucia Perillo.

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